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Tosfai Support
High-Performance Machines
Profitable Solutions
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Tosfai Support
High-Performance Machines
Profitable Solutions

Quality That We Deliver
Its Time To Upgrade Your Service And
Equipment’s To World Class Car Wash Solutions

High Quality

Delivering Smarter And Efficient High Pressure Car Washers.

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High Performance

Powerful And Effortless High Pressure Cleaner Accessories.

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Environment Friendly

We build machines that no harm to our environment.

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Our High Tech Machine
The manufacture of industrial equipment requires a vast knowledge base of processes and understanding of fundamental concepts.
How We Work​


You just need to tell us what kind of machine you are infested in.


You can give us a personal manager to make your Machin.


We install the machine with 1 year warranty period.
Up To 40% Off Our Most Popular Machines!
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Our Capabilities

Capability machines provide security guarantees at machine level which makes them an interesting target for secure compilation schemes that provably enforce properties such as control-flow correctness and encapsulation of local state. We provide a formalization of a representative capability machine with local capabilities and study a novel calling convention.

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