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Tosfai Ride On Sweeper


Developed to cover longer distances with excellent sweeping results whilst still maintaining maximum driver comfort, the 120B is a luxury sweeper, efficient in its work and a pleasure to drive. The driving position, comfort and location of the controls have all been developed to allow long working hours without stress or fatigue. The front steering allows the machine to turn in its own length, giving it outstanding maneuverability. The 120B is available in battery versions, each with more than sufficient power, however hard the work load. The 120B drives like a dream but the performance is reality!


Technical Specifications

SWEEPING WIDTHS:                      1350 Mm

MAIN BROOM ONLY:                    700 Mm

WITH SIDE BROOM:                      900 Mm

WITH 2 SIDE BROOMS:                 1100 Mm

PRODUCTIVITY:                             8500 Sqm/hr

HOPPER VOLUME:                         120 Ltr

FILTERING SURFACE:                   4.5Sq.m

M                                               24 V

MAXIMUM POWER:                       800 W

GROSS WEIGHT:                             322 KG






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